Monday, August 26, 2019

Older 100 word challenge I never posted-

I heard them before I saw them. A little ghost boy, standing in my driveway, singing nursery rhymes quietly to himself. “Ring around the rosy, a pocket full’a posies, a tissue, a tissue, we all fall down...”  over and over again. I was watching him from my window, wondering what was going on. Then, he noticed me. He began walking towards my house, still singing. `my door is locked, I’ll be fine..!’ I think to myself, trying to stay positive. I suddenly heard footsteps in the hall outside of my room. He comes through my door, then, I blacked out...

Some of my Persuasive Writing!

Dear to whichever Highschool this may concern.

I strongly believe that devices should be compulsory to have in
class. Now, you may be thinking, “why should they be
compulsory?” that’s what I’m here to explain to you.

First off, devices have been proven to help people with things
like Dyslexia, with writing. Word processing helps dyslexic
people write. Something they write, may not make sense.
But they can use a special feature on google docs where it
will read your writing to you!
So they can hear where they went wrong and what they need to
change. The spelling and grammar check on google docs helps
as well. It can tell you where you could add grammar, or delete
unneeded punctuation. The spell check will give you a spelling
suggestion for words that you’ve spelt wrong. With dyslexia,
words can often be spelt wrong because of letters getting mixed

In addition, devices make it way easier to share work with others.
Say you want to read your students work, or you have a task you
want them all to do. With a device your students can share their
work with you via email, and you can share anything you need to
with them via email too! Instead of having to photocopy 30+ sheets
and wasting paper, you can send them a link to what you need
them to do! This also helps with group projects. Students can split
up the extra work between them to do in their own time, they
can email each other to make sure all their work makes sense,
then send to you. (their teacher!) 

Besides, using devices would mean buying way less stationary.
Every year, kids have to buy stationary for the start of a
school year. But by the end of the year, they end up with
extra books and other stationary that they most likely will
not use. Having devices also means we will have
to use less paper, therefore it is better for the environment.
By using less paper, we have to cut down fewer trees,
meaning our country will have more places for our wildlife to live.

As you can see, devices would really benefit your students.
I hope you give this some thought, because devices are
increasingly becoming more and more popular,
and they might be the only things they use at their jobs
in the very near future.

Yours Sincerly, Piera Strinconi.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

James Hargest Reflection

At my school, every year, we have a sports exchange with James Hargest College. Last year, it was hekld at James Hargest College. This year, it was held at my school. This is just a little reflection/recap of what all happened.

DAY 1:
On the first day of the exchange, we had an assembly. Our KapaHaka group did a Haka as the James Hargest students walked into our school hall. Teachers did their speeches, then James Hargest stood and sung their song. Then, my school stood and sung our welcome song to them. All the students who were getting billets got to meet their billets after the assembly. And by that time, it was already time for everyone to go home!

DAY 2:
The second day was when all the sports really happened. First we watched the harriers run. Then, we watched the touch rugby. And at the end of the day we had a choice of going to watch the Rugby, Soccer or Hockey. I went and watched Soccer. Unfortunatly, we lost at Soccer, but it was still fun to watch! James Hargest also won the Rugby and Hockey. During the day there was also other sports going on like Badminton, Volleyball and Dodgeball. There was also a quiz and chess happening!

DAY 3:
Day 3 was the last day and time for the Hargest students to go home. But before they left, we had to have another assembly, and find out who won! We all sat in silence as Mrs Healey, our principal, read out the points. For the past 5 years we hadn't won once. Not once! James Hargest has had the trophy/shield for 5 whole years! But this year, we won! (It only took us 5 years-) It was really close though! The points came to 8-7! After the assembly the Hargest students loaded up onto their buses and made their way back to their school. And Mr Martin had a mini celebration since he finally got his sheild back. 3 cheers for OIS!

Then it was all over. The James Hargest sports exchange was over for another year. We have a year with the sheild!- And hopefully many more years to come.

Heres the Sheild!

Monday, June 10, 2019

Highlights of term 2 so far!

Term 2 has been a very busy term. Although, it has been fun! We've had Elgrego come to our school and do a magic show, I started art extension, James Hargest trials, house choirs and so much more! Here are some of my highlights.

We had technoligy this term. I was in Digitech. In Digitech, we desiged monograms which was fun, but the best part was getting to design something and 3D printing them! I made a keychain for me and one of my friends.

Another highlight was definatly the magic show! It was so fun and interesting getting to watch the magic happen! He did a lot of magic with birds.

Well- there were some of my highlights of term 2!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Why is that hat on the table?- 100 word challenge

I walked through the door, closing it behind me. "Mum, Dad, I'm home from school!" I yell across the house. No response. "Mum..? Dad..?" Still no response. I spot a hat on the table. It isn't my mum's or my dad's hat, it isn't mine either. "Why is that hat on the table?-" Mr Stanley walks down the stairs. "Hey sport! Looks like I'm lookin' after ya' this afternoon!" Mr Stanley smiled. "Is that your hat, Mr Stanley?" I ask, confused. "No it's n-" Mr Stanley is interrupted when the hat fades away. "I guess its a magic hat!" Mr Stanley says with a chuckle. "I wonder where it went..."

Sunday, May 5, 2019

My Reflection on the Blogging Challenge.

I think I did pretty well on my blog over the past 6 weeks. We missed out on 2 weeks from our holidays and missed 2 weeks from tech. But I thought it was really fun doing the blogging challenge! I'd love to start a personal blog now. If I did do the blogging challenge again I would try not to miss any weeks. I enjoyed getting to see other peoples blogs from around the world and commenting on them too! Well- I better go, I have school work to do! Bye for now!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Two Truths and a Lie

1. One day in the holidays, my brother,his girlfriend and I wanted to go get milkshakes. So we got ready and headed out to buy some. My brother wanted to skateboard there so he got on is skateboard and his girlfriend and I walked. We all got there fine; but on the way back when my brother was skateboarding,  a pebble got caught under his wheel. He go flung off and about a metre down the street. He was ok in the end though.

2.  Another time in the holidays, I slept all day; until 4pm! The story is, I was lying in
bed, watching youtube, like a lot of other kids my age, when I checked the time. It was
2am! “One more video..” I thought to myself. I got sidetracked and ended watching a lot
more than one video, when i checked the time again; It was 7am! I’d stayed up all night!
Somehow, I wasn’t actually tired. I was fine all day and then when night came again, I
went to sleep around 12am and slept until 4pm the next day!

3. This had to be the worst part of my holidays… One day when I came home from my
friends house, my cat wasn’t home. This wasn’t unusual for him so i didn’t worry about
it. A week passed and he still hadn’t  come home. My brother, mum and I were all so
worried about him! Then he came through his cat door. He was ok. He wasn’t injured.
We were all so happy to have him back, I guess we didn’t realize the fact that he could’ve
been hit by a car but he was sitting right there in front of us.

Which one is the lie?