Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Lake's Story.

I lapped up some water from the small puddle and then looked up at my sister, Charlie. “shall we go find some food Charlie?” I asked. “Sure Lake, I’m starving!” We start our hunt to find food. Slowly walking around trying to going unnoticed. Suddenly, darkness. The last thing I remember is the terrified cries coming from Charlie and then, everything went quiet, and dark, I couldn’t see or hear anything! I woke up in what looked like where I was last but… Something seemed.. Off?  I go to scratch my neck and realize, there is something around my neck, I’m pretty sure it’s made out of plastic. As I start to wake up a little bit more, I see Charlie. I let out a sigh of relief. I look up to see thousands of people looking down on me! I’m only a cub, my mother had been taken away not long before we were! Was she here? “The walls aren’t that tall, maybe I could get over them and get free..!” I walked over to Charlie and told her my plan. "Ok Lake, lets try it..!" We took all of our energy and charged at the wall, jumping and running up at the right time; though the walls were taller than we thought and were also rather slippery. We just slipped right back down the wall. Everyone jumped back when we ran at the walls; we were only trying to break free! We were scared and alone… I let out a distressed cry, hoping my mother would hear me. I cried and cried for my mother but to no avail. Lights flashed from the people above, burning my sensitive little eyes. I squinted at the lights. Suddenly, my mother walked out from a room behind us. She was there with us! Although living in this strange place wasnt great, our mother was there with us, and we were happy to be with her again.

Monday, April 1, 2019

100 word challenge

The piece of paper said “pick the right color door and you’re free, pick the wrong one and you will either face new challenges, or you will die…”  Naturally, I was terrified. I didn’t want to die! What if I picked the wrong door? Will anyone ever see me again? I walk up to the three doors, pink, blue or yellow? I walked up to the pink door and pressed my ear up to it, hoping I would hear something. Nothing. I gave up and walked over to the blue door and opened it… but it was the wrong color...